Micropigmentation 8 Things To Know Before You Start

Are you captivated by the world of micro-pigmentation and wish to learn more about it? Then you are in the right place! Scalp micro pigmentation gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the embarrassment of hair loss problems. This technique creates the illusion of fuller hair and who doesn’t want that! Learn more about micropigmentation and the things to know before you start.

Now you can forget about expensive hair cuts and you can also stop spending on hair-growth products. With micro-pigmentation, you can have the look of your dreams, and the best part? Is that it is a permanent procedure. Keep in mind this is a form of permanent makeup and it will take years until you need a touch-up.

It is completely understandable to get a bit intimidating at the words needle and permanent, but micro pigmentation has produced amazing results for millions of people struggling with hair loss issues. Though it may not be for everyone since it is a highly personal choice, it is totally worth doing your research and understanding what micropigmentation is all about if you suffer from hair loss.

Micropigmentation FAQs

Is micropigmentation worth it?

The short answer is, yes, scalp micropigmention is well worth the effort. If you are a person who enjoys being active and doesn’t want the hassle of expensive, messy treatments or invasive surgeries, scalp micropigmentation might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

How can I prepare for SMP?

  • You need to have soft skin: Moisturizing is key, it’s going to take the needle better then. All you need, twice a day, once in the morning, one in the afternoon, a load of moisturizer; put it on, rub it in there, morning and night. That will soften the skin. That’s going to help the needle just get under the surface. If it’s hard, the needle just bounces off. You get the best treatment with softer skin.
  • Cut your hair the night before: Use clippers, you get to my sort of length. Use a foil shaver, that will take it to the skin, if that’s your preferred style, use a razor, whatever you want to do, but do it the night before. If you do it on the morning of your treatment, chances are, your follicles are still going to be a little bit open, it’s going to be a lot sourer, and you’re going to have a lot of redness. Do it the day before.
  • Avoid anything that might thin the blood: Such as caffeine, such as aspirin, such as energy drinks. Things like these, they’re going to thin the blood, so there’s a chance you’re going to create more bleeding.
  • Choose the hairline you want: Choose yourself a hairline, whether it be defined, or whether it be sort of receded, a soft look filled with the hairline. Natural results are what we’re after, and we produce incredible results.
  • Prepare for your post-SMP treatment: On the day of your treatment, make sure you’re stocked up on food, so you’ve got plenty of energy to get through it. You want to have plenty of energy to get through the procedure. If you don’t, your blood sugar may drop, and you may feel dizzy.

Does micropigmentation affect hair growth?

SMP does not affect hair growth in any way. The pigment is placed around existing hair follicles, not in them; to create a fuller look where hair is absent. We will always recommend keeping your hair short for a more consistent look but ultimately it is totally up to each person’s preference.

What should you not do after micropigmentation?

Avoid tanning, tanning beds, and direct sun exposure until the area is completely healed. Be sure to use an SPF 30+ daily after the area is healed to maintain your pigment. No swimming in pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, or oceans until skin is healed. Avoid any makeup around the treated area until the area is fully healed.

How long does micropigmentation take to heal?

It usually takes around 7-10 days for the scalp to fully heal. For the first few days, the area of treatment may appear red. This should be no cause for alarm, and it indicates the body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

Should I moisturize after SMP?

Once the initial four days post-treatment have passed, you can now shave your head. You can start to moisturize your scalp at least once a day to avoid dry skin and keep your scalp in good condition.

Micropigmentation 8 Things To Know


You can grow your hair out

Scalp micropigmentation aims to simulate the look of a closely shaved head. Maintaining the look requires frequent shaving of your natural hair. However, if for any reason you prefer to let your natural hair grow long again, you can.

Scalp Micro pigmentation is cheaper in the long run

The total cost of scalp micropigmentation typically runs between $2.8k and $4k. However, when compared to the cost of hair replacement surgery, or a lifetime of wigs, creams, and foams, it is well worth the cost.

You need to choose a style

It’s natural to worry about what you will look like after your SMP treatments are complete. During a consultation, your practitioner will discuss hairline options with you. He can even provide computerized simulations of what you will look like with specific styles.
You may opt to recreate your naturally imperfect hairline or choose a straighter, more modern style. During the first session, you can discuss changes and concerns with your artist and adjust the style as you go. By the second or third session, the final hairline will begin to take shape.

It is an effective treatment

Unlike other hair loss options, scalp micropigmentation is 100% effective and will work for everyone. Unlike many topical medications or pills/foams that only work for 5-10% of people. Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic treatment that will give anyone struggling with hair loss the look of a short buzz cut.

Micropigmentation is not really a tattoo

Though micropigmentation is commonly referred to as “scalp tattoo,” or “hairline tattoo,” it is not true. The pigment used for SMP is cosmetic, and the process is categorized as a type of permanent cosmetics. Another difference is that artists do not use a traditional tattoo machine to apply pigment. Instead, they use a machine that is specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation. The needle is much smaller than a traditional tattoo needle and applies only a single micro-dot of pigment at exactly the right depth into the skin.

It is permanent

Scalp micropigmentation is considered a permanent solution to hair loss. There are no daily creams to apply or monthly maintenance appointments to keep. And is it expensive? Read everything we have on Scalp Micropigmentation Costs.

Will micropigmentation hurt

Most people express that scalp micropigmentation is not painful though it may be a bit uncomfortable at times. SMP is much less painful than a traditional tattoo. The needle used to place pigment is extremely fine and small. There is no lingering pain or discomfort once the treatment is over.

Stay away from alcohol

You should also be aware that along with alcohol, some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin are classified as blood thinners. Your technician may also advise you not to drink energy drinks, coffee, or tea before an appointment because they can also act as blood thinners.

Do you have to use Moisturizer afterward?

You can read everything you need to know about moisturizer after a micropigmentation procedure and other care tips you need to take into account.



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I've a problem with thinning hair and had tried everything under the sun, It started when I was 18 years old. Then I found Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a new and exciting solution; it was my last chance to be happy with myself. And it paid off.
Photo of author
I've a problem with thinning hair and had tried everything under the sun, It started when I was 18 years old. Then I found Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a new and exciting solution; it was my last chance to be happy with myself. And it paid off.