SMP Hairline procedure to Thicken Hairlines

Have you or someone you know been struggling with a receding hairline? Perhaps you’ve been spending a lot of money on shampoos and other products, but when nothing seems to work, the SMP hairline procedure to thicken hairlines may be the answer to your prayers. We all know most people feel self-conscious about their hair loss problems, so today, we’ll be sharing with you all about SMP hairline procedure to thicken hairlines.

Scalp micropigmentation replicates the appearance of your own hair follicles by adding pigmentation to your scalp. The SMP device can transfer pigments with extreme precision and accuracy. Your scalp micropigmentation specialist can replicate thousands of strands to fill in thinning areas and enhance your hairline.

Though the procedure may initially sound intimidating, SMP is a non-invasive form of permanent makeup and is entirely safe. More and more people who struggle with hair loss are getting their self-confidence back thanks to SMP. Continue reading and learn more about SMP hairline procedure to thicken hairlines and forget about your receding hairline for once and for all.

SMP Hairline FAQ’s

Why should you choose the scalp micropigmentation procedure?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an advanced formula of makeup pigmentation. It creates an illusion of fuller and permanent makeup by placing layered dots with different hues among your existing hair. Quite exactly a pigment of hair stubble on your scalp. This will also create shadows on your scalp to look natural and blend your complexion. Practitioners and Technicians have improved thousands of lives by using this scalp micropigmentation process.

Is SMP only for men?

SMP is popular among both men and women who struggle with hair loss. Cancer patients, people with alopecia, people with head scars, or people who have thinning hair or bald spots can all use SMP to camouflage their hair loss. SMP blends these follicles with any remaining hair to create a seamless, fuller look.

Does SMP make hair thicker?

The innovative technology behind scalp micropigmentation makes it possible to visually thicken your hairline without hair fibers, hair loss pills, or invasive surgery.
Scalp micropigmentation can be very effective for masking and hiding thinning hair. If you have bald patches or your hair is thinning all over, these tiny scalp tattoos can fill in the gaps and make your hair look thicker and fuller.

How does SMP work?

  • SMP uses pointillism to create the look of hair follicles on your scalp. Pointillism uses groupings of tiny dots to create the illusion of depth and shadow, creating a beautiful 3D effect.
  • An SMP clinician will begin by applying a topical numbing agent to their client’s head before marking out the hairline they will be creating.
  • Over the next four to five hours, they will use an electric tattoo device to draw on each individual hair follicle.
  • Clients may have to come back for several sessions before their SMP is complete, but once done, it can last as long as eight years or more.

Is SMP hair permanent?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent treatment for hair loss. It is a cosmetic tattoo that helps you to keep your desired look. It will blend in easily and conceal the balding area or the scars, if there are any. It gives you a permanent look.

How long does SMP hair last?

Scalp micropigmentation is considered a permanent treatment. The treatment can last for up to 6 years or more depending on how the procedure was performed and how it’s taken care of in the following years. Micropigmentation can usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup. What about the length of each session?

How much does SMP hair cost?

Scalp Micropigmentation procedure prices can be as low as $1200 for just a hairline or crown area and can run up to $2800 for a full scalp procedure.

Does SMP completely fade?

After your complete sessions, your SMP is expected to last for a long time. It usually lasts up to 6-7 years. Then after some time, the color starts to fade away. Note that your Scalp Micropigmentation does not discolor even after all these years.

Does SMP damage hair follicles?

SMP does not damage your hair follicles. Some people say that it might actually stimulate hair growth.

Does SMP promote hair growth?

During SMP, pigment is deposited only about 2mm deep; that’s half the depth of a follicle. The microneedles used for hair tattooing do not reach the follicle and can’t cause damage or affect the growth of hair in any way. However, there is no indication that tattoo ink slows hair growth either.

How can scalp micropigmentation help with thin hair?

  • Scalp micropigmentation can help with thin hair by filling the gaps between strands. Whether you’re going bald in one spot or have hair that is thinning all over, these small scalp tattoos can be naturally blended with the remaining hair on your head.
  • Many people feel self-conscious about their thinning hair, no matter its cause or reason. With SMP, nobody will know that you’re experiencing hair loss.
  • Scalp micropigmentation looks natural even close up, blending in with your natural hair. When someone walks past you on the street, they won’t be able to tell.

What is a receding hairline?

The term “receding hairline” sounds more graceful than it usually looks. If hairlines moved back slowly and evenly through the years, hair loss wouldn’t be so difficult to deal with. But for many men, a receding hairline is also an uneven hairline.
A man’s hairline can begin to recede in his 30s. Thanks to hormones and/or genetics, receding hair starts to disappear above the temples and leaves a sharp V-shaped hair growth in the front.

How can scalp micropigmentation help people with a receding hairline?

Whether you have lost most of your hair or just started with thinning hair, Scalp Micropigmentation can do wonders for you. Now you can achieve the appearance of a full head by creating a follicle look in balding areas. It will appear as if you have short-cropped hair. Scalp pigmentation is helpful for those suffering from minor recession or thinning. You can add density and strengthen thinning areas by replicating natural hair follicles and color. This creates an undetectable illusion of stronger and thicker hair.

A hairline tattoo may be your solution for thinning/receding hair if:

  • You prefer a low-maintenance look
  • You want a permanent solution to hair loss
  • You are comfortable maintaining a shaved-head style
  • Scalp micropigmentation is a safe, non-invasive, permanent treatment for hair loss that is helping to restore the confidence of thousands of men.

Are men with darker skin good candidates for scalp micropigmentation?

SMP works for men with any skin tone, light or dark. The pigments used by Scalp Micro USA are matched to complement a wide range of skin tones. Scalp micropigmentation works for anyone regardless of skin tone or hair color.

Are men with dark hair good candidates for scalp micropigmentation?

SMP is an excellent solution for men with dark hair. Our natural pigments do not change color like traditional tattoo inks. No matter what shade your hair is, your scalp pigmentation artist can adjust the color to match your existing hair color.

Is it a problem if you don’t recall the shape of your natural hairline?

  • Professionals are masters at simulating a hairline that looks natural and meets your expectations. You don’t have to rely on your original hairline if you don’t want to.
  • Creating a hairline takes artistry as well as skill. Your age, lifestyle, the shape of your head, and natural hairline are all important considerations.
  • You can opt for a natural look that replicates your previous hairline as closely as possible. Or you can have a more well-groomed style like a defined or faded hairline.
  • You can even try scalp micropigmentation without a dramatic change to your overall look. Just ask your SMP professional to touch up your imperfect receding hairline and keep a natural look that looks better but still looks 100% like you. You can always add more definitions later if desired.


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I've a problem with thinning hair and had tried everything under the sun, It started when I was 18 years old. Then I found Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a new and exciting solution; it was my last chance to be happy with myself. And it paid off.
Photo of author
I've a problem with thinning hair and had tried everything under the sun, It started when I was 18 years old. Then I found Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a new and exciting solution; it was my last chance to be happy with myself. And it paid off.