Where Can I Get Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training?

Wishing to take on a career path that to help others struggling with hair loss? Or perhaps you have a passion for permanent makeup, or you’re looking to expand your skills or services in your salon, barber, or studio? If you can relate, then scalp micro-pigmentation training may be for you. Becoming a scalp micropigmentation artist can be a rewarding process, and that is why today, we’ll be sharing with you what you need to know about SMP training.

Micropigmentation is sometimes referred to as semi-permanent makeup. It is also a noninvasive semi-permanent makeup treatment. It may be performed to enhance the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids for eyeliner, and lips. It’s also used to camouflage or improve scars, even out skin coloring and restore color to areas of skin that have lost color.

Scalp micro pigmentation training may appear like an intimidating undertaking; however, it’s vital to understand what it takes to be trained in the micropigmentation process. Like any other educational program, you should see it as an investment, but one that you should expect to quickly earn back the money you put into it. Continue reading and find out more about SMP training.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training FAQs

What does the scalp micropigmentation training process involve?

  • All educational programs begin when you decide you want to make a career change. It would help determine what you want to study, how, and where.
  • The SMP training process involves several steps that you must know before you begin. They include planning for training, choosing a school, and completing the program.
  • You’ll likely undergo extensive training under an expert who has multiple treatment-session hours under their belt. Throughout the training, you’ll learn about SMP tools, proper density and depth techniques, hair-line design, and proper handling of needles and pigments.
  • Before starting the program, you’ll learn theory and fundamentals online. You’ll attend a live workshop to learn about techniques and observe a treatment session in person. You’ll also be doing hands-on work with real models under the supervision of your trainer.

What steps should you take before scalp micropigmentation training?

  1. Taking on an SMP training course unprepared is not a wise decision. Despite the many benefits the career path provides, it’s not suited for everyone. When planning for training, make sure that you consider how much knowledge you already have, whether you’re right for the program, and what requirements are in place in your area.
  2. Before beginning an SMP training course, make sure you have as much knowledge about the process as possible. Learn more about what scalp micropigmentation is here.
  3. Once you know what the process entails, you can decide if it’s something you’d be capable of doing. Ask yourself questions such as do I have steady hands and do I want to work with the public every day?
  4. Licensing requirements differ from state to state. Checking the prerequisites in your area is a critical part of the training course planning process.
  5. Once you know what the SMP process entails and how to get licensed to perform it in your area, it’s time to research programs. This is the final but most crucial step in the preparation process. The quality of each curriculum can vary widely.
  6. You should also need to consider what other expenses you will be making in addition to the training, like what Tools are Used in SMP Hair Procedures.

Why choose scalp micropigmentation training?

  • Hair loss is a growing phenomenon affecting men and women worldwide. New solutions continue to develop, and the SMP process is one of the best.
  • SMP training helps you become a licensed SMP artist. This emerging field lets you develop a strong, varied client base. It’s a rewarding career where you can help others and get paid a sizeable amount.
  • There are no educational prerequisites in this field, unlike most medical careers. You can start your training without any previous knowledge of medicine or tattoos.
  • An SMP artist has the potential to get a sizeable salary of $55,000-80,000 per year. Hourly rates can reach $200 per hour.
  • The SMP process requires multiple sessions, meaning more money for the artist. As long as you can maintain clients, you’ll generate a steady income stream.

How much does scalp micropigmentation training cost?

Training courses can cost between $4,000 and $6,000 on average, although the cost can vary greatly. The cost of scalp micropigmentation training will depend on the program’s quality, the instructors’ expertise, and other factors.

How do you get certified in micropigmentation?

To get a license, you must get approved by a licensing board. The board confirms that you have met all the legal state requirements. You’ll have to submit your certificate of completion from a licensed school offering permanent makeup artist courses. Some states might require you to take a state board exam.

How long is SMP training?

  1. The Online SMP Training Certification Program is a self-paced course that can be completed in as little as two weeks. Although current PMU and Tattoo Artists find the course much easier and faster to get through, this course is designed for the average student, experienced or new to the Permanent Makeup industry.
  2. Training courses can be anywhere from one to several days in duration. Courses will usually be split into theory and practical studies. Depending on the course, you may take online classes first to build a proper foundation of scalp micropigmentation.

Where to find SMP training?

Choosing the right school is one of the most important parts of planning for training. You can get best-in-class training at Scalp Micro USA, where you can learn from industry-leading experts with over ten years of experience.

Why choose Scalp Micro USA?

  • There are many qualified scalp micro-pigmentation trainers with years of experience. According to their website, the experts at Scalp Micro USA have an accumulated total of 12,000 successful treatment cases with over 11 years of experience.
  • Scalp Micro USA provides an industry-leading, award-winning training course that not only prepares graduates but supports them along the way.
  • You’ll get access to an exclusive closed Facebook group with hundreds of graduates and SMP experts.
  • In addition, you’ll gain access to advanced-level courses to refine your skills over time. Plus, you’ll learn other essential parts of scalp micropigmentation: business strategy and marketing techniques.

scalp micro pigmentation training

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training Top Benefits

  1. Becoming a professional. There are a variety of skills required to complete the complex process of scalp micropigmentation correctly. A complete SMP training program provides them all, giving both you and your clients confidence in your ability to complete the procedure expertly.
  2. Helping numerous clients. The SMP process is also perfect for those trying other methods to restore their thinning or lost hair with little success. Anyone who’s struggled with pills, wigs, and other solutions will be overjoyed when your expert procedure gives them the scalp appearance they’ve always wanted.
  3. Owning a business. Scalp micro pigmentation training presents you with the possibility of using the skills you’ve learned so you can work as an SMP artist in your own studio. If you advertise it, develop a strong work portfolio, and provide consistently stellar service, you’ll eventually gain a large client base.
  4. High pay rates. Economics is a supply and demand game. The demand for hair loss solutions is much higher than the supply of qualified professionals who can provide them. This means that clients will be willing to pay more, leading to better pay rates.
  5. Affordable education. As long as you’ve carefully chosen the best possible program, you’ll receive all the knowledge you’ll need as a professional. The best part is that you can do so in a few days rather than years, meaning you can start working sooner.


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I've a problem with thinning hair and had tried everything under the sun, It started when I was 18 years old. Then I found Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a new and exciting solution; it was my last chance to be happy with myself. And it paid off.
Photo of author
I've a problem with thinning hair and had tried everything under the sun, It started when I was 18 years old. Then I found Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a new and exciting solution; it was my last chance to be happy with myself. And it paid off.