7 Myths About Hair Replacement Systems

Hair loss is a common problem that many people face, and for those looking to regain their confidence and have a full head of hair again, replacement hair systems can provide the perfect solution for those people looking to restore their natural hair or change up their looks.

However, there are many misconceptions about these systems that can prevent people from taking advantage of them. Here is an overview of seven myths about replacement hair systems and the truth behind each one.

Replacement Hair Systems Quick Guide

Myth 1: Hair Replacement Systems are Unnatural-looking.

Myth 2: Only Men Wear Hair Replacement Systems.

Myth 3: Hair Replacement Systems Are Expensive.

Myth 4: Hair Replacement Systems Require Constant Maintenance.

Myth 5: Hair Replacement Systems Don’t Last Long.

Myth 6: Hair Replacement Systems Are Not Comfortable.

Myth 7: I Need Professional Help to Apply a Replacement Hair System.

Replacement Hair Systems 7 Myths

Myth 1: Hair Replacement Systems are Unnatural-looking

Replacement hair systems

The truth is that modern replacement hair systems are made with high-quality materials and designed to look completely natural. Advances in technology mean that these systems are now virtually indistinguishable from real hair, even up close.

Myth 2: Only Men Wear Hair Replacement Systems

Replacement hair systems

Although hair replacement systems are more commonly associated with male clients, they can be used by both men and women. The range of styles, colors, and textures available means that everyone can find something to suit their individual look.

Myth 3: Hair Replacement Systems Are Expensive

Replacement hair systems

It is true that some hair replacement systems may cost more than others, but there are affordable options available for those on a budget. Many companies offer payment plans and other financing options, making it easier to find something that fits your financial needs.

Myth 4: Hair Replacement Systems Require Constant Maintenance

Replacement hair systems

While hair replacement systems do require some maintenance, such as regular brushing and occasional washing, it is much less than the effort required to maintain natural hair. Most systems need to be replaced every few months, and can easily be done at home.

Myth 5: Hair Replacement Systems Don’t Last Long

Replacement hair systems

Most good-quality hair replacement systems can last up to a year or more if they are properly maintained. Depending on your lifestyle and hair care routine, you may even be able to make them last longer.

Myth 6: Hair Replacement Systems Are Not Comfortable

Replacement hair systems

Modern hair replacement systems are designed with comfort in mind. The lightweight materials used mean that they sit securely on your scalp without causing discomfort or irritation.

Myth 7: I Need Professional Help to Apply a Replacement Hair System

Replacement hair systems

Applying a hair replacement system is easy and can be done at home with the right instruction and tools. Many companies provide detailed guides on how to apply their systems, so you don’t need to worry about needing professional help.

Replacement hair systems are an excellent option for those looking to restore or change their natural hair. With the right information, you can find a system that works for you and your lifestyle. Don’t let myths stand in the way of achieving your desired look!

Common Questions About Replacement Hair Systems

Is it easy to tell if someone is wearing replacement hair systems?

In the past, hair systems were easily detectable and noticeable. However, today’s hair systems are highly advanced and have a natural look. They are so good that even your closest friends won’t believe that you’re wearing one.

Determining whether you are wearing a toupee or wig largely depends on how well it is fitted, installed, blended, and styled. However, unless you are a seasoned hair system wearer who can struggle with detecting these systems themselves, it will be very challenging for someone who has never seen you before to tell.

Can replacement hair systems fall off?

Many people believe that hair systems aren’t secure and can easily be blown off by the strong wind, but this is far from reality, and thank goodness!

Modern wig adhesives, such as strong wig glues and tapes, can hold your hairpiece firmly in place for as long as you need. Removing the hair system is easy too – simply spray some adhesive remover and it will come off in a matter of minutes.

Can replacement hair systems be exposed to heat?

One common misconception is that hair systems cannot be worn in warm or sunny weather, or exposed to heat in general. However, this is not true. Although it’s not recommended to expose hair systems to the sun for extended periods, they can be worn in compliance with regulations.

The monofilament and lace hair systems are more breathable and preferable for warm climates. The thin skin hair systems, which are less breathable, are not suggested for warm climates but can still be worn.

If you are concerned about sun exposure or just want to be extra cautious, wearing a hat is always an option. However, it’s important to note that being in the sun for a short time will not cause any damage to your hair system.

Can replacement hair systems damage your scalp?

Although it is possible to experience scalp or natural hair irritation or damage, this is not typically caused by a hair system. Rather, it is usually related to the attachment method used, although such cases are rare and can vary depending on the individual.

Let’s say you don’t attach the hooks or strips properly, they can damage your wig and cause it to shed. Moreover, your skin may be allergic to the wig glue or tape you’re using. Therefore, it is advisable to perform a patch test before applying any adhesive to your scalp.

Video Top 7 Hair System Myths DEBUNKED!

A lot of people think these myths about hair systems are true, watch the video to learn more. There are many benefits of wearing a replacement hair system, including natural-looking results that last for months at a time.

Plus, when properly installed and cared for, these systems can look indistinguishable from real hair. They provide a flexible solution to baldness and thinning hair that won’t break the bank. Take the word of someone who’s been through it by watching this video below.

Final Thoughts

Replacement hair systems can be a great option for those who are looking to improve their appearance and self-confidence. With the right product, care instructions, and guidance from professionals, you can enjoy natural-looking results that last long-term.

Before making your purchase decision, it is important to do your research so that you choose the best system for your individual needs and lifestyle. Whether you opt for an at-home kit or seek help from a professional stylist, replacement hair systems offer a cost-effective solution with beautiful results.


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